Robot Go2 Charger
October 8, 2023
The end of the foot for the Go2 robot
October 8, 2023
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Remote control for the Go2 robot

Remote control for Unitree Robot Go2 Unitree Robot Go2 Unitree Robot Go2

Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current:

Lithium battery capacity:
2500 mAh
Data transmission module: Bluetooth
Working time: 4.5 hours

Remote control distance:
100 m+ (open environment)

Go2 remote control

Extra long control distance of 100 meters, reliability and durability

Easy operation

As part of the Go 2 bimanual remote control module, the Go 2 bimanual remote control has a built-in data communication module, bluetooth module. Communication between the robot dog and the bimanual remote control can be accomplished using a data communication module. And Go 2 can be controlled by setting up remote control information via APP.

List of Go2 accessories

High computing power module

Small servo drive

D435i depth camera

3D navigation radar

Charging platform

3D navigation radar

Dual cameras + three in one

The end of the meal



Remote control


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