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October 5, 2023
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October 8, 2023
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Robot Dog Go2 Unitree


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New generation – Unitree Go2

In the spirit of technical innovation and industrial leadership, Unitree is back! With standard ultra-wide 4D lidar and GPT expansion for large models, a new work of embodied artificial intelligence – Unitree Go2 joins you in exploring the world of the future!

Standing dimensions: 76x31x40cm
Laying dimensions: 73x13x20cm
Weight (with battery): 15kg
Material: Aluminum alloy + High strength engineering plastic
Voltage: 28-33.6V
Peak power: 3000W
Payload: ≈7kg (MAX ~ 10kg)
Speed: 0~2.5m/s
Maximum drop height: approx. 15cm
Maximum lifting angle: 30°
Aluminum knee joint motor: 12 sets
Range of motion: body: -48~48°, shank: -156°~-48°
Battery: 8000mAh, working time 1-2 hours
Charging: 33.6V 3.5A
Warranty period: 6 months

The standard ultra-wide 4D lidar improves the recognition system by 200%.

Go2 is equipped with Unitree-developed 4D LIDAR L1 with hemispherical 360°x90° ultra-wide recognition, ultra-small blind spot and minimum detection distance of only 0.05 recognition in any terrain.

Different actions and postures

Go2 boasts a variety of poses such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, jumping and sitting.

Battery capacity and durability increased by 150%.

The Go2 has an 8,000 mAh battery, the extra-long 15,000 mAh battery is optional, and the voltage has been increased to 28.8V.

Engine performance increased by 30%

The Go2 boasts a maximum coupling torque of 45 N-m[1], new internal track coupling technology, and heat pipe coolers for effective temperature reduction.

Intelligent Side Tracking System ISS2.0

By using the new wireless vector positioning and control technology, the positioning accuracy is technically improved by 50%, the remote control distance is more than 30m, and combined with the optimized strategy. it allows the robot to better traverse difficult terrain.


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