A1 Unitree Robot
October 8, 2023
Aliyengo Unitri Robot
October 8, 2023
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B1 Robot – IP68 waterproof


Price does not include shipping and duty charges.

The B1 is an incredibly robust industrial robot developed by Chinese company Unitree Robotics. The device boasts impressive stability even on rough terrain, can walk up and down stairs with steps up to 20 cm high, and IP68 certification allows you to use it in any weather and even underwater.


Standing dimensions: 1126*467*636mm
Laying dimensions: 1202*467*297

Weight: 50 kg (without battery), battery 5 kg
Standing walking load: 20 kg
Maximum standing load: 80 kg

Endurance: 5 hours
Continuous walking and endurance without load: 2 hours
lithium battery 18,000 mAh, tension 51.8 V, energy 932.4 watt-hours
Charging time:
1-2 hours
Standard power output: 12V/24V
Expansion card: Gigabit interface*7/RS485*4/USB*5/CAN*4

Operating temperature: -5℃-45℃
Maximum step height for stair climbing:
20 cm
Protection: temperature, current

IP68 Waterproof heavy duty industrial grade forklift truck

B1 has all-weather performance, powerful load and expansion space, multi-dimensional perception, full scene coverage, powerful processing power and accurate understanding. Facing the complex environments and needs of high-level industrial applications, this four-legged industrial defense level robot will provide a more efficient and intelligent solution.



Leading the practice and research of industrial robots

The B1 has great potential applications in agriculture, industry, as well as for special security patrols, inspection and reconnaissance, public rescue, etc.

They have been the main application areas since their birth.


The B1 can adapt to difficult terrain and any bad weather, is highly mobile and flexible, and can replace people to perform work in many special or hazardous environments.