Robot Dog Go2 Unitree
October 8, 2023
Robot Go2 Charger
October 8, 2023
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Battery for Robot Go2

Rechargeable Battery for Unitree Robot Go2 Unitree Robot Go2

Nominal voltage: 29.6 V
Charge voltage limit: 33.6
Charging current: 3.5A~9A
Rated capacity: 8000mAh 236.8Wh
Executive Standard IS 16046 (Part 2)/IEC 62133-2 Executive Standard IS 16046 (Part 2)/IEC 62133-2
Size: 120*80*182mm

List of Go2 accessories

High computing power module

Small servo drive

D435i depth camera

3D navigation radar

Charging platform

3D navigation radar

Dual cameras + three in one

The end of the meal



Remote control