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August 28, 2022
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Robot dog from Xiaomi. Get yourself a modern pet.

Xiaomi unveiled its robot dog, CyberDog, on August 10. Thus, shows its involvement in robotics, and what's robots without robots? Boston Dynamics' Robopes made a lot of noise and Xiaomi decided to hype it up too. As you can see from the pictures, that "four-legged friend" looks very similar.

For whom?

The robot is designed for enthusiasts and people with a passion for robotics. Open source software will allow you to create your own scenarios for using the robot. Soon YouTube will be filled with clips of people using their Robops and then we should expect the popularity of this toy, or maybe a new useful gadget?

Characteristics of the robot dog

Modern robots do not do without servos and here Xiaomi has developed its own, with a torque of up to 32 N - m and a rotation speed of 220 rpm. The doggy can perform fast movements of up to 3.2 m/s and tricks like backflips. This trick has already been mastered by other robots and Xiaomi decided to keep up.

CyberDog's brains are the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX. This mini supercomputer is designed for artificial intelligence systems with a capacity of 21 trillion operations per second, provides parallel operation of multiple neural networks and processing of data from multiple high-resolution sensors. This embedded solution features 384 CUDA® cores, 48 tensor cores, 6 Carmel ARM processors and 2 deep learning acceleration engines.

Neural networks process large amounts of data in their work and this brain does it too. CyberDog's 11 sensors give instant feedback for good dog control. The robot is equipped with cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS, touch sensors and others that help CyberDog detect, analyze and interact with its environment. A 128 GB SSD drive will store important data in the pet's memory, and a 6-piece microphone array is good at recognizing human speech and position around the robot. The robot can carry weights of up to 3 kg, which is enough for its small size.

How does a robot see

Robots can interact with humans because of what they see and they see better every year. CyberDog has a whole suite of sensors and cameras with AI on board - this includes an ultra-wide-angle fisheye camera and a depth module, the Intel® RealSense™ D450 which is trained using computer vision algorithms.

CyberDog developers have well thought out the human interaction system. The robot can be assigned words to wake up and other actions. For navigation, the robopod builds a 3D map, on which it navigates perfectly, can identify and avoid obstacles. Computer vision helps it identify and follow a person. The robot can be controlled either by voice commands or from a smartphone app.

For robotics enthusiasts and people who want to improve CyberDog there are 3 USB Type-C interfaces and one HDMI. Thanks to the open software platform, you can create your own scenarios for using the robot, upload your own programs and open up new possibilities for extending functionality.

CyberDog Price

The Chinese love to surprise everyone with their prices and CyberDog was no exception. Unlike its competitors, who put on similar products prices from 10 thousand dollars, the price of CyberDog in China will be one and a half thousand greenbacks. The first batch of 1,000 will sell like hotcakes. In Ukraine, you can buy CyberDog in the company Robotex with free delivery and support.

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