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October 5, 2023
Pros of interactive and smart robots for kids
October 5, 2023

We believe that every child is an inventor. Children are always inquisitive and creative. and their imaginations are running wild. A child looks at an object and thinks, "How can I add to it, change it, make it my own?" We created Robotex to be this child's friend and an incredible tool to practice and apply this amazing imagination.

Robotex robots: innovative magic for children, learning, business and entertainment

Children have always been the most inquisitive and creative individuals in our society. They look at the world around them with a special curiosity and unfailing imagination. For them, no object is ordinary; each object becomes the ultimate canvas for their creativity. Their world is saturated with questions, "How does this work?", "How can I change this?", "How can this become a part of me?". We believe that every child is a potential inventor, and it is for them that we created Robotex.

Our mission

Robotex is more than just a robot store, it is an innovative tool for development, learning and fun. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for every child and every adult to discover the world of robotics and interactive entertainment.

Works for children

Our robot range includes educational play constructors that help children unlock their potential in science, technology and programming. We believe that learning can be fun and engaging, which is why we offer robots that teach children not only theory but also practical skills.

Works for educational purposes

Robotex is also the perfect place for teachers and educational institutions looking for innovative learning tools. Our coursework will help teachers teach subjects that were previously considered difficult or boring in a fun and visual way.

Robots for entertainment

At Robotex you will also find robots for a wide variety of entertainment activities and events. They will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests and make any event special.

Robots for animals

We also offer robots that can make life easier for pet owners. They can be a toy for your furry friend or even help with grooming.

Our Hike

Founded in 2014, Robotex has become a leader in the robotics market in Ukraine. Our enthusiastic team is always on the road to new advances in the world of robotics and interactive gadgets.

We realize that every user has the potential for endless creativity, and that's why we've created a robot store that can be modified in a thousand ways just by clicking and connecting to the internet. Our platform provides users with a simple tool to realize their wildest ideas.

Robots for the future: Robotex is your guide to the world of innovation

Robotex is a company that is changing the face of modern technology. Founded in 2014, Robotex has become known as a leading supplier of robots and interactive gadgets in Ukraine. Our team is made up of enthusiastic individuals who are always ready for the challenges of the competitive robot market. We value every user and believe in their potential for endless creativity. That's why we decided to create a robot store that can be modified in a thousand ways, just by clicking and connecting to the internet.

What makes Robotex special?

Robotex opens up a world of possibilities for you. Our store offers a wide range of smart robots for learning and entertainment. Whether you are human or animal, we have robots that are designed to meet your needs. Our products can be used in educational institutions, kindergartens, offices and even at home.

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