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August 16, 2021
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August 14, 2022

Come back, Tesla: Xiaomi unveiled its first humanoid robot, CyberOne, this week.

The newest member of Xiaomi's Cyber series, which includes a four-legged Cyberdog equipped with "advanced" arms, legs and vision capabilities, as well as a host of other technologies.

"With artificial intelligence at its core and a full-sized humanoid framework as its vessel, this is an exploration of the possibilities of Xiaomi's future technology ecosystem and a new breakthrough for the company," Xiaomi Global CEO Lei Jun said in a statement.

During the presentation in Beijing, where Xiaomi also showed off a new foldable phone, CyberOne introduced itself by walking on stage with a flower on a long stem. While it can't dance or do parkour, the bot can exhibit human emotions, perceive 3D space, and recognize 84 types of environmental sounds. According to Xiaomi, it even comforts its user "in times of sadness".

Xiaomi CyberOne

At 1 meter 75 cm tall, the faceless humanoid is nicknamed "Metal Brother" and is an astrological Lion - weighing 52 kg and boasting an arm span of 168 cm (about 30 cm shorter than Michael Phelps), and able to hold up to 1.4 kg of weight in each hand.

CyberOne's body has 21 degrees of freedom, comprising 13 joints; each degree of freedom can respond within 0.5 ms, allowing it to "fully mimic human movements" - albeit very slowly. Upper limb joint motors have torque outputs as low as 30 Nm, while the hip joints operate with "instantaneous" peak torque of up to 300 Nm.

"All these functions are integrated into CyberOne processors, which are coupled with a curved OLED module to display real-time interactive information," Xiaomi said in a press release.

Just don't get too carried away with ordering around the robot butler. Each humanoid is expected to cost between $89,000 and $104,000, Engadget reported. So it will be a while before Xiaomi even thinks about mass producing the CyberOne - if at all.

"We believe that smart robots will definitely become part of people's lives in the future," Lei Jun said, promising to be part of the movement one way or another.

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