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July 27, 2021
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August 16, 2021
The airport is a small state unto itself, where it can be quite difficult to figure out what's what. Hundreds of boards and signs in different languages can confuse even an experienced traveler, and there are traditionally not enough staff for everyone. It is for such cases that the airport promo-bot was created - a universal soldier capable of taking on very many tasks.

What constitutes a promotional bot for an airport?

The robot promoter for the airport is a unique complex device, representing the most powerful electronic "brain" in a futuristic case. This "brain" is connected to a multitude of sensors, a voice device, a screen, a printer that allow it to perform a colossal number of tasks. Here are some of the possibilities that an airport promo robot, which you can buy from Robotex, will provide:

The most important and completely unparalleled is the ability to load commands in any language into the robot.

He can give advice, answer questions - at an airport where citizens of all countries of the world meet, multilingualism is item number 1.

The robot is multifunctional - it can do more than just talk,

but also take photos, videos, print them and other documents, autonomously move around the airport without getting lost and without disturbing others; it can serve as an autonomous scoreboard with the time of departure and arrival of the airplane and not only.

The robot is getting attention,

and if people need help, they'll be interested in getting it from such a futuristic device.

Employees are not always able to serve customers flawlessly (for which you can't blame them, as they are human beings too).

A promotional bot is always optimistic, cheerful, never gets tired and will chew up the same information ten times if necessary.

An airport robot is trainable - and that's as important a point as being multilingual.

It can recognize passengers, it can learn increasingly complex lines, it can communicate almost like a living person.

What kind of promorobot for the airport can be bought in Ukraine?

Promorobot for the airport costs from 1 million hryvnias. This is a large sum, however the robot is worth every penny spent. Can you imagine a specialist who will be ready to work 24 hours a day (minus time to recharge), while being able to communicate in dozens of languages and keep gigabytes of useful information in his head? And work, of course, he will do for free. And this robot from Robotex - is just such an employee.

By the way, the opportunity to buy a promobot in Ukraine will be interesting not only for airports. Promorobots are slowly gaining popularity all over the world, and they can be found in shopping centers, banks, and at major events. Service minded, positive intelligent helpers everywhere will help!

Today, Robotex offers you to turn the latest advances in technology in favor of your business. Brand recognition, sales volume, customer engagement in cooperation - all of this can be increased with the help of a smart promo robot. The company's managers will help you find out exactly how it will be useful in your business, what additional features you can get and how quickly the promo bot will pay for itself if you introduce it to your customers. It can also be rented out if desired, and there is a lot of demand for such a service from smaller companies.1

Smart promobot, polyglot and just a cute guy who will always come to the aid of passengers!


Frequent questions and answers

1How do I control the robot?
To control the robot, there is a special simple interface that allows not only to set the desired functions, but also to load new information into it.
2How long does the robot run autonomously?
From a single charge, the robot runs for 8 hours, after which it drives itself to a charging station.
3Wouldn't a robot be able to drive in somewhere and break down or collide with a human?
The promotional robot is equipped with special obstacle sensors and environmental tracking, allowing it to form a complete picture online and avoid any obstacles.
4What happens if the robot breaks?
The robots offered by Robotex are ultra-reliable, extensively tested and there are virtually no malfunctions. But, to prevent possible failure and stoppage of work, the technical support system monitors the work of each of them round the clock and in case of malfunction promptly eliminates it. And if it should ever happen that the robot ever malfunctions, our technicians will come on site and fix the problem.

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