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July 26, 2021
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The further we go into the 21st century, the more money transactions can be done with minimal human involvement - contactless payments, autopayments, transfers via websites and more. But there is still a human in the place of a consultant in any bank, and even smart chatbots on websites are not yet ready to fully replace him. But today, you have an amazing opportunity to "hire" a new employee - you might say, buy it outright - who can work for five, won't ask for a raise, and will draw attention to your bank like no other.

Meet the promobot for the bank!

This is a very complex and interesting machine that can... And it can do a lot of things. Deciding to buy a promobot for the bank in Ukraine, you get an employee capable of:

recognize customers by sight

The robot recognizes faces and knows who it's talking to, once you get to know it, it won't forget you;

take pictures

that he can print out immediately;

print documents, receipts, coupons

A printer can be built into the robot to print passes;

to conduct complex communication:

answer questions, give detailed prompts;

to move around the bank,

without bumping into chairs and customers;

demonstrate complex presentations, videos.

And all these skills fit into the original futuristic body that attracts the attention of visitors. While most of them visit the bank for services rather than entertainment, an extra bit of recognition is never a bad thing.

What exactly is it good for the bank?

Promobot, which you can buy for the bank in Ukraine, will do everything it is programmed to do. These are just some of his skills:

  • give consultations on the bank's services and announce the programs offered;
  • to pick up clients and print out contracts;
  • to present the bank's new products;
  • greet customers in a personalized way, recognizing each one by face and greeting them by name from the database;
  • to give tours of the bank;
  • Being a photographer/videographer at banking events.

And that, again, is only a fraction of what a promobot can be programmed to do. Tell it exactly what you want from the bot in the bank - and this can be embedded into its "consciousness".

Responsible and reliable employee who can be trained for anything. Also, he won't be tempted to take over clients' finances!


A promobot for the bank - or a live employee consultant?

Those who want to buy a robot in Ukraine for the bank are confused by its cost - from a million hryvnias. Indeed, at first glance it is a considerable amount of money, but there is such a thing as payback.

A promobot can replace at least one employee and his replacement (which already reduces costs). It attracts more visitors - your potential customers - and their engagement with what the robot offers as some sort of novelty is much deeper (which in the long run increases revenue). It is inexpensive to maintain and the potential is virtually endless. Finally, the robot is able to explain the same task to users time after time without losing patience or getting tired, which greatly reduces the burden off the shoulders of workers.

Therefore, wanting to buy a robot, you should definitely consult with the managers of the company "Robotex", who will tell and show you everything that the promobot is capable of and how it will be really useful to you.

Frequent questions and answers

1Won't the robot get lost in the bank?
The robot moves smoothly and accurately thanks to special video sensors that allow it to form a 3D map of the bank and move around reacting to objects, so it is fully autonomous and safe for others.
2What's his ultimate vocabulary?
Virtually unlimited. A promobot can be taught to understand very complex semantic constructs, so it will communicate no worse than popular bots like Alice.
3Can it be used in security?
Thanks to the facial recognition feature, it can inform you if there are any suspicious citizens in the bank, so if you want, you can set this option as well.
4I need special robot features, can I buy one of these?
The great thing about promobot is that its functionality can be expanded and changed. So contact Robotex to find out how to make your best worker even more useful!

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