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July 23, 2021
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July 27, 2021

The future has arrived - and now is the time to seize its opportunities!

If you want your store - or the mall under your management - to gather thousands of visitors and, consequently, potential buyers among hundreds of stores in dozens of identical shopping centers, you need a robot.

But not a simple robot, but a real professional promoter! This futuristic beauty can do more than an army of promoters:

tells about the company (products, services, promotions, etc.)

on a set program that provides unlimited room for creativity;

remembers people and recognizes them

which always has an amazing effect on the customer, because they feel special and important;

shows photo and video presentations on a large screen;

is able to have a "lively" conversation with visitors

using neural networks;

Prints checks, cards, photos

the robot has a built-in printer;


doesn't get lost or stuck in the vastness of the mall.
You can use it every day, programmed to your liking, or you can "bring it out" on special occasions to drum up interest for sales and other events.

Why is he better than a real promoter?

A robot of unusual design, able to communicate with visitors, is much more attractive than a promoter even in the most original costume. But those aren't its only virtues:

the robot doesn't have to pay extra

and it's inexpensive to maintain;

the robot doesn't get tired,

Will never mix up lines or forget important information;

it's multifunctional--

You can't attach a printer and monitor to a regular promoter to display and print promotional materials;

it's a really cool feature,

that won't blur the visitor's eye;

a robot won't be running "smoke and pee" every 15 minutes.

Stay ahead of the competition by adopting the latest high technology to benefit your business. Buying a real smart robot is a boy's dream, but being able to use it to grow a company is a man's task!

How does a robot promoter increase sales?

Automated sales with minimal human involvement - what more could a business owner want? A robot promoter is the kind of investment that pays off in increased sales and brand awareness. "Ah, it's a robot that sells great cell phones! Why don't we stop by?" - that's how people will perceive your store.

It allows you to:

to serve visitors faster;

provide a deeper level of interest in your products and services.

Who is willing to listen to a presentation for even 5 minutes if there is a man in a suit and with diagrams standing at the board? Let's be honest, no one. But if the robot itself speaks, shows (and even addresses the buyer personally), the interest grows;

create a pleasant atmosphere for customers.

The robot promoter is optimistic but does not give the impression of an unnaturally cheerful idiot, visitors really enjoy interacting with him;

to showcase your company as a modern company,

keeping up with technology and applying it to their business.

...And that's not all

A robot promoter is EXTREMELY versatile, and it all depends on what programs you put in it. Print and hand out flyers? You're welcome. Taking photos from the event? No fatigue. Run a memorable advertising campaign? And he can do that.

Having decided to buy a robot promoter in Ukraine, you will be able to use it:

in a personal store;

in a shopping mall

as a receptionist for the buyers;

at trade shows and presentations;

as a receptionist for the buyers;

on holidays

Once a robot promoter became a real registrar at a wedding and did a great job in his role.

Does it have any downsides at all?

The disadvantage of the robot-promoter at the moment only one - going to buy a robot-promoter in Ukraine, be prepared for the fact that it is an expensive device that can afford not every company (and not everyone needs it for this reason). But once you invest in it, you will:

  • to consistently generate growing sales and profits;
  • save money on promoters and advertising campaigns;
  • use it as a representative of your brand, creating a unique and memorable image.
The 21st century promoter is your new robot friend. An ideal, tireless worker capable of many things.


Learn more about its capabilities and on what terms to buy a robot promoter in Ukraine to make business go uphill!

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