A robot for learning to program is the ClicBot
June 12, 2021

Gradually, robot dogs are gaining popularity and you can already buy the most famous robot dog Spot from Boston Dynamics, which still costs a lot of money, as for Ukraine - $75000 (2 million UAH).

The spot robot is equipped with four legs and is stepping confidently into free sale and finding applications in life. The manufacturer spent more than 10 years creating and perfecting the robot.

There are several stages to consider when selling a new robot: the first is for researchers only, the second is only within America, and the third is worldwide. Delivery to Ukraine will take about 2 months and will have to pay customs duty, and this will further increase the cost of the robot.

The box with the four-legged electric doggie comes with two batteries, a tablet for control, charging, bags and software. Of course, the manufacturer provides for the purchase of additional accessories and sensors to the dog, such as a 3D camera, a more powerful computer and battery. On a single battery charge, the robot dog will run for 1.5 hours. To start using the robot, just take it out of the box and you can start using it right away.

Robopez is very flexible to use and customizable for numerous tasks. The manufacturer's company is waiting for new researchers to find new applications for the robot. The application of robot in the industrial sector and entertainment industry is highly demanded.

Spotters are well established in nuclear facilities, factories, oil field and construction sites. Singapore has already used Spot for social distance enforcement in parks. Robo-dogs have solved the issue of safe distance between patients and doctors in Boston hospitals.

The presence of cameras and lidar provides the robot with good orientation in space. That way he can see and get around obstacles, walk up and down stairs, and stomp over rough terrain with ease. Its servo motors allow it to reach speeds of over 5 km/h and carry loads of up to 14 kg. You can watch clips of Spot dancing synchronously with other robots online.

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