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May 9, 2014
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June 13, 2021

A robot for learning to program is the ClicBot

Today you can no longer surprise a child with a computer, as it was in 2000, children are surrounded by smartphones and tablets, they have lost interest in these types of technology. We need a new device that will awaken curiosity in children and these devices will be modern and quality robots that will help children learn programming and English. The startup ClicBot has developed an educational robot for all ages and genders capable of providing an introduction to robotics and programming.
A robot like ClicBot has a good "brain" that allows it to interact with all members of the family. Its sensors and transducers allow it to respond to touch, hear and see people, think and react to various factors. ClicBot has over 50 work scenarios and over 200 reactions, with over 1000 customizations. Adjusting and playing with the robot can be done together with the whole family neither children nor adults will not be bored by the modern designer. Adults well remember their childhood with Soviet constructors, now it's a new time and buy robots, which not only can be assembled, but also programmed.
Those who do not want to go deep into programming, there is a special mode "Without code". You set the motion of the robot by showing it how to move and it repeats. The developers made it possible to learn programming while playing with the robot for this purpose they wrote a special application Clicbot Academy.
On our website you can choose and buy the right ClicBot robot kit. The kits differ in their completeness, the more modules, the more variations of the robot you will get. All parts of any set fit together - this means that buying a second set of modules will fit the first and so on.

The startup ClicBot has raised almost $300,000, which has given a strong start to the project and community support, and no wonder, because the robot can do a lot of things and in time we will see new movements and algorithms that will be invented by children and adults, as well as new programmers who grew up with the robot.

Link to the startup's page on Kickstarter.com

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