Deep Robotics Lite3 Basic robot dog
October 14, 2023
Deep Robotics X20 robot dog.
October 14, 2023
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Deep Robotics Mini robot dog.

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The Mini version of the intelligent four-legged robot from Deep Robotics.


Size: 700x400x500 mm
Weight: 23 kg
Maximum load: 10 kg
Battery weight: 10 kg
Operating time: 40 minutes
Maximum speed: 3.3 m/s
Steps: 30°
CPU: NIVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, Intel Core i7


DEEP Robotics Mini Series Bionic Robotic Dog

Mini is a deep learning bionic robotic dog that utilizes innovative deep robotics technologies such as rover, perception, vision, and deep learning system, making this four-legged artificial intelligence robot ideal for visual perception and laser sensing tasks that require precision and high adaptability.

Intended for educational and scientific research purposes. Using the latest proprietary joints, control systems and advanced algorithms deep in the cloud, it has stronger, more maneuverable and durable motion capabilities. Mini’s open modular structure and interface make it adaptable and scalable, enabling the development of advanced perceptual abilities such as autonomous navigation, automatic stop-and-go obstacle avoidance, visual positioning and environmental reconstruction.

DEEP Robotics

DEEP Robotics is at the forefront of global development in the development of core components and systems of four-legged robots, advanced motion control algorithms, intelligent environmental perception and artificial intelligence algorithms, and is committed to achieving a more efficient and intelligent future through the perfect combination of motion and intelligence.