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June 16, 2021
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July 20, 2021

ClicBot – a robot for teaching children programming and English

ClicBot is your new family member.

He can dance, step, pick up objects and roll. Not only that! ClicBot is educated and has two personalities available out of the box, over 200 reactions and 100 behavior options.

The robot is ready to play immediately after unpacking, and the gradual complication of tasks makes the process exciting and exciting and the robot becomes smarter and smarter.

Educate him!

ClicBot independently enthuses your child to learn programming, math and English. And all this in the process of playing, the child will not be able to tear himself away from it.

ClicBot has over 200 reactions:

  • he shows interest in you and snuggles up when you pet him;
  • looking for you if you close his eyes;
  • and shows a sense of excitement if you put him on a charge.
The fun and playful ClicBot keeps everyone in the family entertained!

It's so easy to get started

Want to teach your robot new moves and don't know the programming, then download the app to your smartphone or tablet and show ClicBot how to move.
  • intuitive interface;
  • perfect for beginners;
  • a gradual immersion in programming.

You can add or change a command by dragging and dropping blocks right from your phone, anyone can do it! ClicBot supports the Python programming language for more complex commands.

Did you teach ClicBot some new tricks? Then share the secrets with your friends using the app and compete whose bot is more unique!

ClicBot is the gateway to learning the Python language

The beginning of robotics begins with this robot, as. learning and algorithm development follows the same principle as the Mars rovers. In 2021, the Python language tops the list of most popular programming languages. It is used in state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms for robots.

The ClicBot robot will help your child to become a future programmer. In Ukraine, a Python developer earns from $1,000, in the US from $5,000

Buying a robot is easy, make an order by filling out the form and we will call you back.

    Play with ClicBot and gain new knowledge. Train him and improve yourself.

    Make friends with other ClicBot owners and participate in competitions.

    Teach your robot new complex moves or have it perform simple moves on its own.

    The skills gained from playing and programming ClicBot will be in demand for decades to come.

    Have fun with programming and math.

    Previously, these disciplines were studied by 15-year-old schoolchildren. ClicBot allows even a 7-year-old child to master these disciplines.

    4 sets of the original ClicBot for you to choose from

    ClicBot – a robot for teaching children programming and English


    грн12 750

    24 elements
    ClicBot – a robot for teaching children programming and English


    грн18 500

    35 elements
    ClicBot – a robot for teaching children programming and English


    грн22 750

    46 elements
    ClicBot – a robot for teaching children programming and English


    грн34 150

    66 elements

    Live facial expressions and animation ClicBot

    Developed with a professional animator

    All parts are assembled from good plastic and can withstand any stresses that children put on it while playing with it.

    The robot is programmatically and hardware wise, 7-year-old children will find it easy and intuitive to play with ClicBot despite the complex stuffing inside.

    Do you have a follow-up question?

    Call us 067 713 6502 or fill out the form and we will call you back:

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