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October 5, 2023
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October 14, 2023

Unitree Go1 smart robot dog

The world's first consumer-grade intelligent bionic four-legged companion robot.

Boston Dynamics isn't the only company making four-legged robots. Chinese firm Unitree Robotics has also been involved in related developments for years and this week unveiled its latest creation, the four-legged Unitree Go1 robot. The device is relatively affordable. Its price is only $2700. In comparison, the Boston Dynamics Spot robot costs $74500.

However, the relatively low price may be due to the limited functionality of the robot. The demonstration video states that the Unitree Go1 is capable of "following someone while running" and "carrying one bottle of water." This is probably a complete list of the robot's capabilities so far. Unitree Robotics says it intends to make four-legged robots as affordable and popular as smartphones and drones. All that's left is to work on the usefulness.

At the moment, the company only has a basic specification of the robot, which is available on its website. The Unitree Go1 comes in three versions: the Go1 Air priced at $2700, the Go1 for $3500, and the Go1 Edu for $8500. Each of them has a mass of about 12 kg. More expensive models are equipped with a more powerful processor and improved sensors. The Go1 Edu version is the only one among the new products that has a software API (although it is not specified which one).

It looks like automatic human tracking and obstacle avoidance features are available as standard. The more expensive models are also capable of a claimed top speed of 17 km/h. The manufacturer doesn't give a specific battery life, only saying that the robot can be an "all-day companion." This claim raises a certain amount of skepticism, as the Spot has a battery life of about 90 minutes.

So what's the stuffing in Unitree Go1 starting at $2700

ISS Intelligent Satellite System

Utilize patented wireless vector positioning and control technology.

The robot is in the human's lateral peripheral vision, this is better than the normal following mode with natural human-computer interaction, safe and secure.

There is no need to constantly look back and worry about whether the robot has gotten lost or encountered obstacles.

When the environment is challenging, humans can actively choose an easier route to help the robot get through.

Robust and reliable powertrain

New patented design of ultra-lightweight low-noise long-life power couplings.

Body/Hip C1-8: 520 g 23.70 N.m (MAX.).
Knee joint C1-8×1.5 ratio 35.55 N.m (MAX.).
A patented heat dissipation system using a heat pipe is incorporated near the knee joint motor.

Go1 with built-in hash rate Super AI with built-in hash rate

Total: 16-core top-of-the-line CPU + GPU (384 cores, 1.5 TFLOPS)

For reference, NVIDIA TX2 has only CPU (4 cores) + GPU (256 cores, 1.3 TFLOPS) and the price per unit of the chip is 3000+ yuan.

High dynamics

World record broken (approximate characteristics)
Maximum speed=2.0/0.425≈4.7 m/s (17 km/h)

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