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October 4, 2023
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October 4, 2023
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Wickedbone Interactive Dog Bone


Wickedbone is a great choice! This automatic bone-shaped dog toy offers your four-legged friend the fun, stimulating and engaging playtime he needs!

It’s also a remote-controlled dog toy that you can control with the Wickedbone app. Not only can you choose any of the 9 movements to play with your doggie, but you can also lead him anywhere and play chase.

– Good for human interaction with pets
– Wickedbone control app
– Driving mode and interactive mode and interactive mode and interactive mode
– Indoor and outdoor activities
– Safe and durable materials
– Rechargeable USB

Model: C1702
Weight: 300 g (with battery)
Dimensions: 151.5 x 64 x 64 mm
Battery: Li-Polymer 500 mAh
Operating temperature: 0-40 °C
Maximum speed: 3.5 m/s
Control distance: <20 m

Wickedbone Smart Bone for Dogs

The first completely interactive smart pet toy, Wickedbone is designed to keep your furry friends in emotional health. This toy is perfect for both puppies and adult dogs, regardless of their age. Your pet is sure to love it. Wickedbone is especially suitable for active dog breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Beagles, Border Collies and Belgian Shepherds.

Wickedbone is the perfect choice for dogs who love to play for hours without getting bored. The use of FDA grade materials makes this toy safe, durable and pleasant to the touch.

Finally, this smart dog toy has a long-lasting battery and can be charged quickly. Thanks to fast charging technology, Wickedbone can fully charge in just 1 hour. Once fully charged, this interactive dog toy will run for over 40 minutes in driving mode and over 4 hours in interactive play mode.

Your dog will never be bored again

Wickedbone contains what it calls an “emotional system” that allows the smart device to respond to your dog’s emotions. It has different modes: boring, crazy, fun, sleeping, contented and others. The fun, entertaining and stimulating exercises your doggie needs are available in just one click. With two-way communication, Wickedbone invites your dog to play by moving on its own. In fact, the emotional system makes the toy respond to the dog’s actions.

You can even take control of Wickedbone through the app whenever you want. Drive mode will allow you to control the movements of your smart device, allowing it to move in different directions, make jumps and smooth turns.

Fast charging and long life Using FDA grade material makes Wickedbone safe, durable and soft. After all, the smart dog toy comes with a long-lasting battery and also charges quickly. Thanks to fast charging technology, Wickedbone fully charges in 1 hour! When fully charged, the interactive dog toy can run for over 40 minutes in Drive mode and over 4 hours in Interactive mode.

Care of the device

– This product is not suitable for intense chewing.
– Before you let your dog use a toy, make sure it’s in optimal condition.
– Supervision is required during playtime to ensure your pet’s safety and to prevent any potential damage or ingestion of the toy.
– To charge the device, lift the bone-shaped rubber as there is no button connector.
This design keeps pets safe by preventing them from ripping off the Wickedbone lid and potentially swallowing it. You can also remove the rubber cover directly without affecting the functionality of the toy. However, be careful not to insert it incorrectly.

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