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Sphero BOLT Robotic Balloon


Sphero BOLT is a robotic ball that helps to foster creativity in play and fun learning. With the Sphero Edu software app, with any iPhone or iPad, you can perform a variety of actions, communicate, or simply control and play.

The lithium-ion battery gives you two hours of run time or more, depending on the intensity of use, to handle your biggest projects. It takes six hours to charge the battery. Bluetooth 4.0 compatible Internet access is required for the product to function fully.

Height: 7.3 cm
Width: 7.3 cm
Weight: 200 g

Sphero BOLT Coding Robot

Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled and programmable robotic ball. It is similar in size to a big tennis ball and has a body with a waterproof and durable design (it survives ladder jumps with no problem, although throwing it from a table is not recommended). Inside, you will see all the components, which contributes to a better understanding of its working principle.

The balloon is equipped with light sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometer and IR sensor.

Sphero BOLT is controlled via apps: Sphero Play (for play and learning) and Sphero Edu (for programming and education).

Induction charging (no wires!) allows you to fully charge the Sphero BOLT robot in a maximum of 6 hours, but play time can be up to 2 hours.

So, your child can learn the basics of programming, realize their ideas, play and gain new knowledge with the help of a unique device from Sphero. The top has an LED matrix that displays real-time motion data and can play programmed images. Wheels on the top and bottom help the balloon move. You can program the device in three ways: through drawings on the schematic, using scratch blocks, or using JavaScript. The intuitive interface allows you to control every movement of the Sphero BOLT.

Features and Benefits of Sphero BOLT

With its durable and waterproof design, Sphero BOLT can withstand even the most fantastic, out-of-the-box ideas your students can dream up and can take part in any adventure your students can imagine, thanks to its versatility
a day of battery life.


Engage your students in hands-on games and STEAM activities by teaching them how to program with Sphero BOLT.


With Sphero BOLT’s advanced programmable sensors and 8×8 LED matrix, your students can explore the world of programming and robotics through creative play, opening up limitless possibilities.

Sphero BOLT is great for teachers and students of all levels, with three ways to program (drawing, blocks, and text coding), as well as lesson plans and resources to familiarize and move forward with BOLT.

Sphero BOLT is ideal for cross-curricular learning, combining STEM and the arts to encourage creativity and innovation in your classroom.

With access to an extensive library of educational games and challenges available on the free Sphero Edu app (iOS, Android and Chrome compatible), your students can learn to code in a fun and interactive way.

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