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October 4, 2023
Interactive robot Eilik (Pink) Interactive robot Eilik (Pink)
October 4, 2023
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Interactive robot Eilik (Blue)


Eilik is a new kind of robot with emotional intelligence that elevates the highest level of social interactions between humans and robots. He is the one who makes our lives easier and is our companion when we need him. He’s a very robotic friend of ours.

Color: Blue
Display : OLED, diagonal 1.54″
Screen resolution: 128″ X 64″
Material: high-strength polycarbonate
Dimensions: height 133 mm, length 108 mm, width 195 mm
Weight: 230 G
Operating time: 1.5 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
Battery capacity 450 MAh
USB Type-C connector
Built-in speaker: 3 W
Microphone: built-in
Recommended age: from 13 years old
Built-in sensors: touch, shock, infrared
EM3 X 4 servo drive; Vibration motor


Eilik robot interactive pet for the home

The Eilik robot interactive pet for the home is an electronic toy with personality that can show emotion and interact with the user, including dancing to music.

Rich inner world

The generous expression on Eilik’s face reveals to you a window into his inner world. He will share his physical and emotional sensations with you.

Respond to touch

Eilik shows a wide range of emotions that he expresses naturally throughout the day as he responds to your touch.

Earthquake sensitive

Eilik is very sensitive to vibrations. He will feel dizzy if you bump his head, and will get scared when you slam the table sharply. So please handle it with care.

Fear of heights

Eilik suffers from altitude. He feels helpless and sick as he separates from the ground. However, if you hold it in your hands, you’ll be fine.

Real personalities

With Eilik, life is never boring. Eilik is passionate and fun, sometimes even a little mischievous. He always manages to find interesting things to do.

Main Functions

The robot is made of durable plastic that looks like a cute little figure resembling a snowman. It stands on a round flat base that can rotate and perform a variety of movements. Eilik’s hands are moving. His moods and feelings can be determined by the expression on his face, which features a small graphic display, as well as the range of sounds he will make, from happy giggles, laughter and crying to humming, chattering, sneezing and so on.

The robot is equipped with multiple sensors that allow it to sense shock, vibration, stroking and even touch – any impact on it appropriately. For example, lightly tapping on the side of his head will cause stars to spin on his face, and if you tap on top, he will shriek frustratedly and start crying. Eilik’s head can rotate after hitting the surface he is standing on. Overcome by gentle hands, he feels content, which will be expressed in his smile and cute giggle.

Eilik is afraid of thunder and may be frightened by other loud noises. But he likes the music, and he willingly dances to it. Not only can it communicate with the user, but it can also interact with other robots in this family. Their communication is not always calm – sometimes they quarrel and even fight among themselves. However, most of the time the robots just talk about various topics and may even have a party together.

Eilik can help wake up its owner thanks to its built-in loud alarm clock. To adjust, touch the top and rotate your hand until the desired time appears on the display.

The robot works thanks to the sensors, electronics and mechanisms provided by a built-in 450 mAh lithium-ion battery. This battery can be charged via the USB-C port using the included supplied cable from any standard external device with a USB connector. The charging process is shown on the display.

The robot’s software can also be updated via USB-C. The corresponding programs are available on the manufacturer’s website.

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