Розумний робот Loona Smart Petbot Basic + Game prop cit + Charging dock
October 4, 2023
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October 4, 2023
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Battery charger for Loona Smart Petbot for Loona Smart Petbot


Charger for the Luna robot:

Charging port: USB-type C port

Loona Smart Petbot Basic

A friendly, intuitive and playful electronic companion. He’s like a best friend, only better. You can’t help but fall in love with it! When you come home, he greets you joyfully. When you are on a walk – follows you and touching him brings him joy. He longs to be a part of your family. How can you say no to him?

3D motion capture

The Loona Smart Petbot Basic has a number of exciting features such as face recognition, body recognition, gesture recognition, 3D motion capture, object detection, emotion perception and tag identification, to name a few. With its visual capabilities, the Loona robot becomes your faithful interlocutor and companion. For example, he’s fun to play soccer with and always watches over you like your favorite pet friend.

Voice recognition

The Loona robot can identify the source of the sound signal. Try inviting her from behind and she will promptly respond to you! With Amazon Lex technology, Loona has the ability to recognize voice commands and provide feedback, leaving your data safe and secure. Voice analysis is done through AWS’s Lex cloud service, and user information is not stored in the cloud or on local devices; it is only analyzed in real time. To ensure user privacy, the remote monitoring part is based on AWS cloud related services and utilizes a hardware level encryption chip to authenticate and encrypt communication data.

Camera for interference detection

The Loona Smart Petbot Basic robot is equipped with a 3D-ToF (time-of-flight) camera that detects obstacles in the environment and generates data to help it move quickly through space and navigate its surroundings. It can also use the RGB camera to capture and track moving objects. Thanks to its 3D intelligent path planning, Loona moves freely around the house avoiding all obstacles.

Features of Loona Smart Petbot Basic

With its legs, ears and eyes, Loona Smart Petbot Basic can reproduce over 700 expressions such as joy, sadness, hurt, energetic and many more. Loona can quickly create a map of the environment and navigate within a 360 degree radius. It can also balance on two wheels! She can stand, roll over and even bounce backwards!

More fun with Loona

Loona Smart Petbot Basic is a true game lover. Turn on the laser beam and watch her enthusiastically hunt for it, throw the ball and she’ll fetch it immediately. Or you can simply place something interesting in the room and watch him interact with that object. There are many quizzes and riddles available in the Loona app that you can play along with Loona. When it’s time to play, Luna will raise the correct paw corresponding to the next task.

Graphical programming

The Loona Smart Petbot Basic has many built-in features and functions, but it can do almost anything if you learn how to use it. Luna is fully programmable using a drag-and-drop friendly graphical programming interface. Children can use graphical programming to teach the robot. You’ll be able to teach Loona new tricks, while you yourself are also learning. Using the simulator and character editor, you can customize Luna’s actions, facial expressions, voice, and interactions with various sensors.